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     Late in my teenage years, my first client was a single mom with three young children. After the first day, having painted around the bushes and front door of her home, she gave up and promoted me from her children's babysitter to first time house painter.  My kid sister Terry, who often assisted me with challenging tasks, patiently held the scary, rickety, old ladder while I painted the high peak in the back of the house. Curiously, this memorable childhood experience would lie dormant for decades.  
    Employed in the graphic color departments of local pre-press businesses, changes from analogue to digital technology made it clear that a career move was necessary. City Paint Vermont is the birth child of this major career transition.

     Intrinsically motivated, whether pedaling a powerful cadence on a bike, shredding an open glade of fresh powder on skis, executing perfect form strength training or even climbing up and down ladders, the experience of movement inspires undeniable joy and a wonderful sense of adventure. Studies in education, psychology, sport science, professional photography, fine art, color, the written word and all things “creative” influence a balanced dynamic in my life.  Accepting the challenge of growth and self-improvement is always a work in progress.  

John Joseph Freitas painter

5 Summer Street, Burlington, Vermont  05401 • Phone: 802-862-3393 •

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